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MMA Survival Guide:

Rule #1 Cardio
This one is easy. MMA athletes, much like zombies, live very active lifestyles. So should you. Everything you want to do and intellectually know how to do in MMA is predicated on your ability to get your body to actually do it. MMA is grueling and muscles need oxygen like zombies need brains. The number one rule is Cardio. Get it before it gets you.

Rule #2 The Double Tap
I love this rule. The double tap is basically insurance. If you are executing a technique or are close to a finish, always try to keep a backup plan just in case what you want to do goes south. The last thing you want to do is sink in that sub with your last ounce of strength and find your opponent slipping out and you have no back-up plan. If you’re gonna finish him, make sure if he escapes, that he walks headlong into your backup plan. Ideally the Double Tap will insure that you go home carrying one of your opponent’s limbs in your bag. Good luck getting that through security.

Rule #8 Get a Kick Ass Partner
Steel sharpens steel. If you train with people who don’t challenge you, your game will never get to the next level. Training partners that know how to push you to your absolute limit without injuring you are a golden commodity.

Rule #11 Use Your Foot
If your striking game is heavy on the classic boxing and muay thai, you may be missing out on one of the single most powerful techniques in all of mixed martial arts: kicks. Punish the thigh/knee of your opponent who leads heavy on his front leg, smash the inside leg, cripple with kicks to the body or knock a fool out with a decapitating head kick. The back, glutes and leg muscles are the largest muscles in the body. Use them to decimate your opponent with kicks. They hurt more than punches and even hurt when they’re blocked. Just watch out for those defensive takedowns!

Rule #17 Be a hero
There are so many ways to lose a fight that is may be tempting to play it safe, hold your position, dominate the control game without risking losing position to strike or submit your opponent. This kind of lay-and-pray mentality is universally hated. On the other side of the coin, you can just lay there and hope the ref stands you back up, give up and take the beating your mother warned you about, or you can do something spectacular. Take a chance, go for the knockout, the submission or at least do whatever it takes to finish the fight. Playing it safe sucks. Be a hero. You will be praised by the masses.

Rule #25 Shoot First
It has been said time and time again that offense is the best defense. If you are aggressively attacking, your opponent is forced to spend more time defending and less time attacking. This can pay dividends, particularly if you work your way into a dominant position. Pull the trigger on him and keep him on the defense.

Rule #31 Check the back seat
In the movies there’s always someone in the back seat that suddenly appears and strangles the driver. Although rule #4 says you should give up your back to get comfortable with the position, this rule might seem to contradict that but it doesn’t. Rule #4 applies to training and practice. Rule #31 applies to actual matches. Learn to always be aware of your position and keep your back from being taken if you can. It really is a crappy place in which to find yourself. When all defense fails and you do get your back taken, at least you can fall back on what you learned by employing rule #4. Unless of course it is a real zombie, in which case, you’re screwed.

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MMA is the realest sport of all time. It’s a sport broken down even more so than boxing. Broken down to its rawest element acceptable by society. What is a real sport? It’s man dominating another man with discipline, focus, technique, will, intelligence, and heart. That is all sports-that is the root in what people admire in all sports, but MMA embodies all of that. It’s the purest form of sport. If you say you love sports but you don’t like MMA, you don’t really love sports. You don’t really know what sports really are, because every man in a fucking football uniform running into another man really wants to beat those guys’ asses. Every time a guy slam dunks a ball into a guy’s face he really wants to beat that dude’s ass. You want to win when it’s most important, and that’s the most important thing.
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Don’t stress over things you can’t change.
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